Cloud Nine Candles


Cloud Nine Candles:

Having been involved in the fragrance industry for 12 years, first through retail and then importing some of the USA's finest brands, I decided to create my own range of scented candles and home fragrance diffusers.

This brought with it the freedom to select fragrances that I knew Australians would enjoy and also to ensure that I knew how we made them and what we used to create them.

After exploring and testing a range of different waxes, I decided on keeping our products as natural as possible and this started with the wax selection. My choice is to use a wax that is a majority blend of natural soy wax and natural coconut wax. The wax used in all of our tin and glass jars are vegan and not tested on animals. We do not use Palm wax in any of our products. 

We continue to test all the time on the quest for continual improvement. Like everything else in this fast paced world, products are continually improved and the natural wax today is a wonderful product with great fragrance performance.

Overall, I just hope you enjoy. This is what fragrance should do for you. Refresh happy memories, put you back in places that you hadn't thought about for a while, family, friends, experiences, that certain spot in the world.

Creme Vanilla: Creme Vanilla Scented Candle is for the true sweet tooth. That somebody who loves all things vanilla. Taking all the sugary and sweet goodness of cream, butter, malt, caramel and vanilla (of course) and blending.

Gingerlilly &Tulip: Gingerlily & Tulip creates a really gorgeous floral fragrance, very pleasant and appealing. Adding in some Violet Leaf and Chamomile to the Gingerlily and Tulip to round out this floral blend.

Guava & Lychee: A burst of sweet and tropical notes, Guava & Lychee is a summer holiday at home. Think sunshine, blue oceans, long days and that holiday smile. A feel good fragrance that is strong and fulfilling that lingers long and vast.

Lemongrass & Lime: Traditional Lemongrass is bold and dominant in this fragrance but with a definate pick up of sweet lime and eucalyptus, gives it a nice edge. 

Mango Tangerine: A tropical and sunny fragrance, Mango Tangerine Scented Candle has sweet fleshy mango, ripe tangerine and a hint of vanilla. Could provide a dose of sunshine in your house, no matter the actual weather outside!

Ocean Flowers: Ocean Flowers takes all the elements of the coastal life with vibrant blooms, fragrant herbs and a little summer citrus for a very uplifting, happy fragrance. Be transported to your favorite coastline in spring, with the smell of the sun and surf, coastal flowers all open and colorful and refreshing summer fruits for a snack.

Oriental Bamboo, Rosewood & Orange: Re-create that day spa feeling in your own home. Soothing and calming, peaceful but very fulfilling. Earthy notes of Bamboo, Cedarwood and Rosewood blending with a herbal concoction including Clove and Sage with sultry citrus notes.

Peach & Summer Fruits: A rich ripe summer Peach is the dominant fragrance in this scented candle with a little help from all of the other great summer citrus and stone fruits that we enjoy. Some sweet notes turns this into your favorite cocktail or dessert.

Pink Lemonade: Pink Lemonade is a vibrant and fizzy fragrance with notes of Lemon Zest, Grapefruit, Strawberry, sparkling wine and Pink Sugar. A sweet base on the tongue with a zip and twist.

Summer Pineapple: The unmistakable fragrance of Summer! Fresh and juicy Pineapple, helped along by some of the other Summer friends like Orange and Lime and some added vanilla sweetness.

White Jasmine & Iris: Pretty and traditional White Jasmine with Iris, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang for a pretty floral bouquet. 

Cloud Nine Fragances come in the following size and burn time: 250 grams and burn time 50 hours, Diffusers will send a beautiful scent for over 3 months and the tins are  150 grams and can be enjoyed for approx 25 hours.